Funny little thing just happened. I am developing locally on php 5.5 but our dev server is running php 5.4
Turns out php 5.5 is a little more forgiving when using !empty() around a function like so:

PHP 5.4 spits out the following while doing that:

I fixed the problem by using the following (which according to some people should be identical):

Nginx should be listening on port 80, apache on port 8080.
PHP can be installed on apache (either as module or better yet using php-fpm through fastcgi).

Ok this one’s a bit silly. Once again there seems to be lots of misleading information out on the web about this.. There’s no need to purchase an extension for this!

All that you have to do is enable the ratings you want to use in Admin, or create your own.

In the Admin panel go to:

There select one of the Ratings you would like to enable (you can enable more than one as far as I am aware). In the next screen you have to select in which stores it will be visible. Once you select a store and save it will be enabled automatically and should already appear in your product view. That’s it!

You can also create your own rating if you want, but the default 3 should be more than enough. In our store we are only going to use one.