Turns out OPCache is a bit faster than APC so we decided to go ahead and make the change. In CentOS it can be found in the EPEL repo. First we want to remove apc:

Then we install Zend OPCache:

I have switched to installing php54 and then you will have to install through PECL itself:

If you get an error about phpize you will need php54-devel as well:

And re-run the pecl command.

If it then complains about a C compiler (configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH):

And re-run the pecl command again.

And restart PHP-FPM:

You can find a nice status page like apc.php here:

For quick installation use the following command to download the php file to a directory of your choosing:

Here’s a screenshot of it on one of our test servers:
OPCache on PHP 5.3

Here’s a little snippet of code I used to get a customer’s address on the Account Dashboard

I added an if statement because it turns out not all users have an address. This is especially the case if they registered BEFORE they make an order, because they are only forced to fill in an address during checkout.

I am trying to output a formatted version of the date a customer registered.
There’s a formatDate function in the core helper and can be used like this:

There are 4 options: full, medium, long and short.
Output examples are shown below (can change according to locale):

Full: woensdag 30 oktober 2013
Medium: 30 oktober 2013
Long: 30 okt. 2013
Short: 30-10-13