Redis higher than 2.6 in Centos

This little tutorial will explain how to get Redis higher than 2.6 in Centos. I ran into the problem that CentOS only had version 2.4 in the normal repositories and it turned out Magento requires a Redis version higher than 2.6. The REMI repository has version 2.8 though, and it’s fairly easy to install that version.

To install the REMI repository check the following page first:

Then to quickly install the redis package without editing any repo files just use this command:

And skip all this:

To enable it you have to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo and enable it:

Then you can install the updated redis version. You can optionally also disable the repo afterwards again just to make sure you don’t end up involuntarily updating many other packages (if you don’t want to..)

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